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Gswitch dashboard monitoringGswitch is an affordable "Home Energy Management System" for consumers. The Gswitch is simple to use, it monitors and graphs electricity, solar generation and water for households.  Gswitch can be accessed remotely and notify you automatically with any potential problems.



Gswitch can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the average household by up to 30% making the consumer a 5 star user by default. Giving  home owners peace of mind that your residence is switched off automatically when leaving the house, or at night when you're asleep.



Accessed remotely, using smart phones and other internet connected devices, Gswitch detects presence and switches off loads when not required. Other benefits include turning standby power off while you sleep,and even emailing you when there is a problem. No more Bill Shock.



Gswitch technology has evolved to the point where it  can now harvest power from your P.V solar system, and transfer your exported power back in to your hot water storage system.  There is  no need for expensive heat pumps or solar hot water services. Saving you thousands in building costs.


Cut your costs and save with Gswitch. Our intelligent Energy Management System will help you eliminate wasted power and save on electricity costs

Access your Gswitch Remotely from anywhere in the world. always know how much power your house is consuming

Get a return on your investment in as little as 1.6 years. This includes a 5 Kw solar package and the Gswitch fully installed in your home

A set and forget system that allows you to schedule Gswitch yourself to suit your families ever changing lifestyle


Newly Built Home, Coolum Beach

When the Gswitch was first put into my new home I never really took much notice as it was my husband’s idea to install it, he is an electrician himself and liked the idea of the integration with the solar and saving us even more money off our power bills. happy family After living with the Gswitch now for a few months, I must say I never really noticed anything different.
Then one night, I went to a neighbour’s house across the street and as I walked back home, the lights that I had left on were now off, this puzzled me until I got a little closer, then suddenly they all came back on.  So this is what the Gswitch does, it works without me even noticing it. 
I have been saving money all this time as it turns off everything that I leave on when it is not needed. I would recommend the Gswitch to anyone after discovering this, as it just silently works in the background.
"It truly is an amazing product that every home should have."
Paula Coolum Beach
Home Owner