Home Energy Management systems, are the way of the future.  With the ability to manage your energy generation Gswitch is a sustainable, self-managed solution. Gswitch is the leader by far with the capability of not only monitoring your homes usage, but with the technology to go that one step further.  Gswitch will harvest the solar your panels produce and divert the power to chosen appliances in your home, reducing the running costs and maximising the solar generated. All this is done with an intelligent program that can be easily set by the home owner to schedule which appliances they want to optimise, significantly reducing the running costs and provide a real return on investment within 1 -2 years of installation.




Ever had that nagging feeling you left an appliance on…Using Bluetooth technology Gswitch can shut the house down by sensing occupancy.  Gswitch eliminates standby power , no timers or special power points required, it is automatic giving you peace of mind.


In an age where technology is king, Gswitch is the smart choice for smart families.  Gswitch turns your home into an automated energy saver, controlled from any smart device anywhere in the world.             "It's Power Your Way"


Once you set your Gswitch up you can eliminate standby power, wastage and Bill Shock forever.  Gswitch will divert your electricity from exporting to the grid to optimising your appliances so you can cut down on your total use to reduce energy costs and save you money.


Gswitch monitors your energy consumption in real-time it shows you just what you are producing, compared to what you are using. The user dashboard shows everything that's happening in your home so you can see your energy consumption and make informed decisions.

Newly Built Home, Coolum Beach

When the Gswitch was first put into my new home I never really took much notice as it was my husband’s idea to install it, he is an electrician himself and liked the idea of the integration with the solar and saving us even more money off our power bills. happy family After living with the Gswitch now for a few months, I must say I never really noticed anything different.
Then one night, I went to a neighbour’s house across the street and as I walked back home, the lights that I had left on were now off, this puzzled me until I got a little closer, then suddenly they all came back on.  So this is what the Gswitch does, it works without me even noticing it.
I have been saving money all this time as it turns off everything that I leave on when it is not needed. I would recommend the Gswitch to anyone after discovering this, as it just silently works in the background.
"It truly is an amazing product that every home should have."
Paula Coolum Beach
Home Owner


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