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South Australia Power Problems, keeping the lights on

South Australia Power Problems, keeping the lights on $50 million dollars. This is the cost to all South Australian consumers, just to buy back power from big companies to ensure the state wide blackouts experienced in recent times don’t happen again. “Energy users paid $50 million in total to buy back power from major manufacturers, so […]


DEMAND RESPONSE………WHAT IS IT? To help understand what Demand Response is, let me first explain Peak Demand, what it is and how it happens. The term Peak Demand refers to a point in time when demand for electricity outweighs the amount of power available. The problem for consumers is that if there is insufficient power […]

New Technology for Qld

Queensland installs Australia’s first Powerwall battery for solar trial The Premier has made it clear that green energy, particularly solar, is crucial to the government’s ongoing plans for meeting the state’s energy needs. Premier Palaszczuk said the trial would ensure that Queensland would remain a leader in solar technology with the government setting a goal of […]