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With more than 1.3 Million Australian households having solar panels on their roof (that’s more than 1 in 6 houses with solar!) it just doesn't make sense for the majority of these homes to import power to use some appliances.  If you don't get the high feed in tariff of between 40-60 cents per kWh of power sold back to the grid, then you should look at ways of using the power that your panels produce during the day.  The one key element people seem to be forget is that the real point of solar power is to generate your own free power and use it yourself, so you don’t have to purchase power from your energy supplier at full retail price.

Another key thing to remember is that most people are home during the daytime on the weekend, so there is 2 days when you can use most of your excess electricity. Plus, if you work from home, or are a full time parent at home, you can also use a lot more of the power generated by the sun during the day. Gswitch can help with this, by automatically scheduling  either your Hot Water Service, or Pool Pump, to run when the solar is producing sufficient power, you could be saving up to 24c per kWh.  Now who doesn't want to save money off the rising costs of electricity. In fact, the retail price of electricity has risen by 72% in the 5 years to June quarter 2012! We’re now  3 years ahead of that date, so you can be sure the price rise is well past 72%…