What’s Next For Gswitch

A New Larger Faster Gswitch With More Features, Meet Gswitch Magnum

While having all the features of the Gswitch Sovereign the Magnum is unprecedentedly full of innovation, from ease of installation to more safety in the home. The Ultimate in Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

Features Include:

  • Higher star ratings for homes by turning A/C off when doors or windows are left open.
  • Sensing  temperature and turning off the A/C when the outside climate changes.
  • Running air conditioners at the speed at which the solar is produced.
  • Load shedding when power consumption rises so as not to import power.
  • The power Nanny, authorizes personal to use certain appliances.
  • Monitor elderly in their homes for mobility.
  • Shutting down appliances when the smoke detector alarms
  • Operate your garage door remotely from your phone.
  • Schedule your lighting when you are away on holidays.