The Birth of Gswitch

The Gswitch was invented by Sunshine Coast business owner, Mark Coates of Intelligent Automation. Mark’s vision for Gswitch is to make it easy for people to reduce the wastage of natural energy resources and create a community of ‘5 star energy consumers’.

Why We Made Gswitch

The ah-hah moment for the Gswitch was the realisation that householders are concerned about their environmental footprint, power consumption and want to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Gswitch transforms the household from one that consumes power without constraint to one that only uses the power that it needs. And it does it without you having to think about it.

What Is The  Gswitch?

The Gswitch is an Intelligent "Home Energy Management System" or HEMS, which creates greater efficiency of power use in domestic and commercial environments. It enables the control of remote individual circuits to produce energy efficiency through scheduled programs, presence detection, and activation-based monitoring to regulate load shedding. Envisioned as a preventative rather than a cure, the Gswitch offers sustained reduction of power demands with no loss of day-to-day functionality.

Gswitch Changes With The Times

The Gswitch has been developed to use blue tooth technology, whereby it can operate independently.  Your own iPhone, iPad or Smart device, can be recognised and “turn” your home on when it detects individual occupants. Imagine, driving home in the dark at night, turning into your driveway, the lights come on to welcome you. This is not an expensive, elaborate, automated home, this is the Gswitch.

By scheduling standby power the Gswitch makes you a 5 star energy consumer and can be adapted to your own lifestyle. Gswitch will monitor your power import, solar export  and water usage. With all this information at your fingertips it is easy to reduce your utilities consumption.  All this can be operated from any smart device.

Where Does The Process Begin?

Intelligent Automation will assess your home for its best energy efficiency possible. With you, we break down your home into different circuits: essential, non-essential, standby and lighting. These circuits will then be controlled by the Gswitch.  

Through our personalised consultation, we will customise the Gswitch for your home and your lifestyle, making energy efficiency simple and automatic.

Future Proof Your Home

Gswtich can be programmed to combat changes in government legislation and infrastructure costs. 

Intelligent Automation Gets Government Grant

Commercialisation Australia  has given its support to Intelligent Automation, with a  grant for the  innovative device called the GSwitch. The grant will contribute towards  patent, trademark and to research channels to market.

Developer Leading The Way In Smart, Affordable, And Green Housing

Australia’s largest residential developer Stockland, is showcasing the Gswitch as a part of the future of sustainable housing.




 Award Winning Product

Gswitch received the Prestigious Living Smart Business Solutions Award in 2013