"Its Power, Your Way"

Gswitch is a low cost "Home Energy Management System" (HEMS)

The Gswitch is fully customised to meet your requirements and household demands. As you leave home, your smart phone detects no presence and automatically switches to "Goodbye" mode. On your return, the system welcomes you home, returning to normal operation, all before you put your key in the door!

It’s quite simply "Power Your Way".

Home Automation



Gswitch features

‘Goodnight Allows the home owner to schedule all standby appliances to be switched off overnight

‘Goodbye’ This feature means even more savings as all standby and non-essential electrical items including your air conditioner are switched off when you leave home, whether you are off to work, going shopping  or away on holidays.

"Schedule" Automatically control your home and make up your own schedule to suit your lifestyle and your family. Create a holiday schedule and a weeknight schedule for on and off times to suit how you live your life.

Utilities monitoring. See in real time and remotely  what your water, power and solar usage is.   

Notifications and Alerts: Set up your own daily usage limits and get automatic alerts via email from Gswitch when you have reached the threshold.

Never again will you come home to find an empty house with an endless amount of lights and appliances left on.

*Please consult your manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the regular switching off of your individual appliances. Intelligent Automation accepts no responsibility for operating appliances outside the manufacturer's guidelines