Saving $$$$$ on Building CostsEnergy Management Concept

Gswitch technology has evolved to a point where it can now harvest power from your P.V solar system, and transfer your exported power back in to your hot water storage system. So no need for expensive heat pumps and or solar hot water services.

Intelligent Automation will advise on the most energy efficient design for your needs, NO more need to over size solar PV to allow for daily peak demand, The solar  will be sized according to the needs of your own home saving you thousands in building costs.  This really is the easiest way to get your very own Intelligent Home Energy Management System (HEMS)


Return On Investment ROI. Business Concept.

Gswitch offers a predicted average return on your investment in as little as 2 - 3 years, with most homes experiencing 30% or more on reduction of power costs.

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Avoid Bill Shock With Gswitch

The “daily service charge” applied to electricity accounts has surged by more than 600 per cent in just eight years. Households were paying 18 cents a day in 2007 however the latest price on most power bills, is on average  $1.28.

Households on the most common tariff are now paying around $467 annually before turning on a single switch after the fixed fee surged by more than 130 per cent in two years from 55c a day.  Now with the introduction of a daily service charge for each meter this charge is set to rise again.

Primary tariff 9.668 cents per day
Load control tariff 2.899 cents per day
Solar PV tariff 6.767 cents per day

With the advantage of monitoring your electricity usage with Gswitch, you will now know exactly what your house is consuming and make changes as and when they are needed. With email alerts sent from your Gswitch monitoring your bills is easy.