Real Time Monitoring

Your Gswitch dashboard shows you when the solar generation is high , so you can make an informed decision on when to use your appliances, therefore making the best use of your solar generation.  Through monitoring utility consumption the information of an individual business or a whole complex of individual units, can be displayed as an informative report for any given day, month or year.  

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With feed in tariffs now greatly reduced it is crucial that system owners understand how to use their solar generation in the best possible way. Our user friendly dashboards put the power back in your hands to better manage your power within the home or business.  Power generation can be used in the individual home or business to greatly reduce the power being imported at a much higher rate. Gswitch monitors all your utilities, electricity, gas, water, solar and individual circuits.  See your real time usage at a glance when you log in to your very own Gswitch.



The Need For Monitoring Grows

In the current financial climate, the focus on energy saving within the home has been intensified by the desire to reduce costs. Gswitch is a very useful tool for observing and reducing electricity use within the home. Our online platform provides all the home energy information required to start reducing and start saving.notifications alerts new

Gswitch is all the system you need to start monitoring your home/business energy use online and in real-time through your computer and mobile devices.Receive email alerts when you have gone over your allotted daily usage on water, gas, electricity or used all your solar generated electricity.  Set your own limits and receive updates hourly or daily it's up to you just set it up and let Gswitch do the rest.

Key Features

  • See in real time your electrical consumption
  • Set a target consumption for the day/month and monitor your progress
  • See how much you have spent today, this week or this month
  • Check through the months to compare your usage over time

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