Solar Optimisation

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Using Gswitch technology you can harvest power from your solar generation and transfer your exported power back into your house. e.g. your house is consuming .5 KW (green graph) and your solar is generating 3.0 KW (orange graph) this is an excess of 2.5 KW this would normally be exported back into the grid , receiving minimal return. The Gswitch automatically detects the excess and turns on your appliances. The Gswitch is essentially a Solar diversion Load Controller. Notice the dashboard above and how the hot water mimics the solar generated.

In the case of clouds or an increase on demand from your house occurs at anytime, the Gswitch will automatically switch off the hot water system so as not to import any power from the grid. If rainy days are a problem where your hot water does not complete the time needed to heat the system sufficiently for your family's needs, it will finish its requirement on the appropriate Tariff . The Gswitch will run your appliances at the most cost effective way available thereby reducing your overall electricity costs.

From the Functions page it is easy to set your household usage thresholds. Gswitch also gives you the added bonus of boosting your chosen appliance and setting a time limit on this appliance, whether it be your hot water service or pool pump. The automatic notifications allow you to set and forget your Gswitch and only be notified if you have exceeded your daily weekly or monthly usage. No more Bill Shock every quarter, stay on top of what you use with Gswitch and always know what you are using and exporting.

The Gswitch can now operate three of your hungry home appliances on the solar optimisation program. This unique program can run any type of electric hot water, from heat pumps to storage systems. It also has a program specifically for pool pumps. There are many more appliances that can utilise the Gswitch’s solar optimisation program, including floor heat, pool heating, spas, heated towel rails, and battery charging. You can also select the percentage of grid power and solar power generated to run your appliance.