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Solar Power How To Make It Work For You

Sounds like a fairy-tale right!

Solar Power working for you?

Here is what the future looks like………………

Solar Power making it work for you? Virtual Power Plant? Sounds like something from the future right? A future with hover crafts and space exploration beyond our galaxy.  Just as electric vehicles (EV’s) and driver less cars are coming so is the way we will buy our electricity. Gone are the days of relying solely on Gas and Coal fueled power stations.  Welcome to the new era of “Virtual Power Plants”.

With more than 1.8 million homes in Australia with roof top solar power and even more renewable power sources entering the electricity mix. It’s time to get serious about creating a more sustainable and stable electricity grid. Australia has the highest uptake of roof top solar systems in the world, our climate and connected national electricity grid make the introduction of renewable energy and new technology the perfect fit for VPP’s.

solar power

SO What is a VPP?

The objective of a VPP is to relieve the load on the grid.  It does this by smartly distributing the power generated from a mix of decentralized and renewable energy production in small-medium sized facilities. These small-medium sized facilities can be owned by companies or households. 

The decentralized units in a power network are linked and operated by a single, centralized control system. So by networking all participating units through a remote control unit, this establishes a data transfer between the central control system and all participating units. 

VPP’s aim to smoothly integrate  high numbers of renewable energy units into the existing energy systems. It will do so by ramping up and down power production and power consumption on short notice. As a result, VPP’s gradually take over the role of traditional power plants – selling their output on wholesale markets and assuming responsibility for a balanced grid.