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Gswitch Monitoring

In the current financial climate, the focus on energy saving within the home has been intensified by the desire to reduce costs. Gswitch is a very useful tool for observing and reducing electricity use within the home. Our online platform provides all the home energy information required to start reducing and start saving.
With feed in tariffs now greatly reduced it is crucial that system owners understand how to use their solar generation in the best possible way. Our user friendly dashboards put the power back in your hands to better manage your power within the home or business....Read More

Gswitch For Solar

With more than 1.3 Million Australian households having solar panels on their roof (that’s more than 1 in 6 houses with solar!) it just doesn't make sense for the majority of these homes to import power to use some appliances.
solar+power+panels  If you don't get the high feed in tariff of between 40-60 cents per kWh of power sold back to the grid, then you should look at ways of using the power that your panels produce during the day.  The one key element people seem to be forget is that the real point of solar power is to generate your own free power and use it yourself, so you don’t have to purchase power from your energy supplier at full retail price....Read More

Gswitch Home

Gswitch is a low cost "Home Energy Management System" (HEMS)Home AutomationThe Gswitch is fully customised to meet your requirements and household demands. As you leave home, your smart phone detects no presence and automatically switches to "Goodbye" mode. On your return, the system welcomes you home, returning to normal operation, all before you put your key in the door!
It’s quite simply "Power Your Way"....Read More