Home Owner and Single mother of teenagers.

Saving my budget – and my sanity…

I hate nagging and I despise waste.

I was so frustrated to always come home to a house lit up like a Christmas tree with all the lights, TV’s, appliances and computers turned on, especially when no-one was even home.

Gswitch not only saves me money, but has also saved my sanity, and my relationship with my teenage kids. Gswitch is the solution we’ve been waiting for!

I’ve always been mindful of green house emissions and as a single Mum, reducing my power bills is something I have been trying to achieve for ages. But now, my worries are over.

I feel good about doing my bit to help the planet and I’m saving money at the same time. Gswitch is so easy to use, even the Gen Y’s have worked it out.

So, no more nagging. We’re all happy and keen to be green!

Kaye Radford

Single mother of two teenage boys

Newly built Home Coolum Beach

When the Gswitch was first put into my new home I never really took much notice as it was my husband’s idea to install it, he is an electrician himself and liked the idea of the integration with the solar and saving us even more money off our power bills.  After living with the Gswitch now for a few months, I must say I never really noticed anything different.

Then one night, I went to a neighbour’s house across the street and as I walked back home, the lights that I had left on were now off, this puzzled me until I got a little closer, then suddenly they all came back on.  So this is what the Gswitch does, it works without me even noticing it. 

I have been saving money all this time as it turns off everything that I leave on when it is not needed. I would recommend the Gswitch to anyone after discovering this, as it just silently works in the background, it truly is an amazing product that every home should have.

Paula Coolum Beach

Home Owner

Bank of Queensland 

“Over recent months, the Bank of Queensland (BOQ) has specified the Gswitch in the commissioning of switchboards as a part of our branch refurbishments.

Our interest in the Gswitch is in its capacity to provide the BOQ with substantial, sustained reductions in power usage and therefore, cost. Interfaced with our existing security system, the Gswitch offers us a set-and-forget approach to energy efficiency. We believe that the product offers our business a genuine service and saving.

The pay-back capacity of the switch is an additional incentive to our business.”

John Hay  

Property and Security Operations Manager

Bank of Queensland Limited  

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Newly Built Home Yandina

I first heard about the Gswitch through friends, I was very interested as I was building a new home on the Sunshine Coast. The thought of saving money and the reducing my carbon footprint was very appealing. From consultation to the commissioning stage Intelligent Automation's staff were a pleasure to work with. At the commissioning stage of Gswitch their staff explained and set up the pairing of the blue tooth on my phone, scheduling of goodnight and all the software features. No more getting under the TV cabinet or behind cupboards to turn off the standby power. This product not only saves me time it  gives me peace of mind that when my wife and I leave for work  the house is automatically turned off.


Homeowner Yandina


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Intelligent Automation and provide evidence of the work they have undertaken recently for IFYS Ltd in assisting us to mitigate electricity waste within our company. When I joined IFYS Ltd, just over six months ago,  I was alarmed at the high cost of the electricity accounts we received on a monthly basis due to wasteful practices such as leaving lights and  air-conditioning units running overnight and, more concerning, on weekends when no staff were in the building. Through an extensive consultation  process and audit Intelligent Automation have been able to assist us in reducing our monthly power consumption from 165 kw to approximately 117kw per day which in turn equates to almost 30% an immediate return to IFYS in dollars and cents. The installation of the Gswitch ensures that all non-essential electrical items are shut down after 6.30pm Monday to Friday and remain switched off over the weekend. The Gswitch has revolutionised our office’s electricity consumption and more importantly is mitigating the previous waste that existed prior to its installation. During the consultation and installation process I found Intelligent Automation to be an extremely disciplined and punctual company whose representatives were able to interpret our difficulties and offer a solid and effective solution to the age old problem of energy waste within a busy workplace. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Intelligent Automation to any prospective company. 

Paul Morton,

Chief Executive Officer  IFYS

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