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New Technology for Qld

Queensland installs Australia’s first Powerwall battery for solar trial

The Premier has made it clear that green energy, particularly solar, is crucial to the government’s ongoing plans for meeting the state’s energy needs.

Premier Palaszczuk said the trial would ensure that Queensland would remain a leader in solar technology with the government setting a goal of “one million rooftops, or 3,000 MWs of solar PV capacity in Queensland by 2020.”
She added that “the emergence of ‘Battery Energy Storage Systems’ will play a key role in achieving that goal.”


Queensland boasts one of the highest rates of household solar panel systems in the world, although uptake in recent years has been inhibited by a dramatic cut in the rate consumers are paid for power that they return to the grid.
The commercial release of the Powerwall this year is widely expected to drive popular take-up of a system that at best would supply about seven hours of nightly power for televisions, air-conditioning and other appliances.
However, the cost of solar batteries remains a key barrier for the fledgling industry in Australia. Estimated time taken to recover an investment in a Powerwall, which can range from about $10,000 for a household already with solar panels to $17,300 for an entirely new system –  is between 17 to 26 years.

excerpts from – Guardian News and Media Limited