Solar diversion
for homes…

Our specialised service focuses on properties with high power consumption. By utilising surplus solar energy to power appliances and tracking usage patterns, we decrease dependence on the grid and reduce electricity expenses.

Optimising energy usage

By diverting solar, the Gswitch uses otherwise exported energy onsite, redirecting it to on-site appliances, such as air conditioning, hot water services and electric vehicles to name a few, thereby maximising self-consumption. This optimises energy usage and promotes sustainability.

Access your personalised online Dashboard from anywhere at any time.

The Gswitch, is professionally installed by an approved electrician into your home’s switchboard. Accessible through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, your personalised online Dashboard gives you full control over the Gswitch’s operation, functions, and settings.

To access your Dashboard and remotely monitor the Gswitch, an internet connection is all you need. It provides real-time information about power consumption and solar generation. The Gswitch can be retrofitted to most houses or installed during the construction phase of a new home.

Access your personalised online Dashboard anytime, anywhere to have complete control over your Gswitch. Monitor and receive real-time information on power consumption and solar generation remotely. Easily track your home’s power usage, control functions, set schedules, receive email alerts, and generate reports. You can even remotely monitor appliance usage to prevent unnecessary energy expenditure.

Gswitch helps you identify where your energy expenses are going and suggests ways to reduce your usage.

Return on investment

Gswitch offers a predicted average return on your investment in as little as 2-3 years, with most homes experiencing 30% or more on reduction of power costs. Gswitch technology has evolved to a point where it can now harvest power from your P.V. solar system and transfer your exported power back in to your hot water storage system, this function is known as Solar Soaking or Solar Diversion. There is no need for expensive heat pumps and/or solar hot water services.

Intelligent Automation will advise on the most energy efficient design for your needs. No more need to over size solar PV to allow for daily peak demand. The solar will be sized according to the needs of your own home saving you thousands in building costs. This really is the easiest way to get your very own intelligent Energy Management System.

Contact our team today to learn how the Gswitch can seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle and cater to your family’s needs.

*Projected Savings can be achieved if Solar PV system and Gswitch are designed by
Gswitch experts and used in conjunction.

Before Gswitch

After Gswitch

The above graphs show solar being produced (yellow line), with the power consumed (purple line), and the controlled appliances/load (blue line). After Gswitch installed this shows that the solar is now being used to power the home (self-consumption)